Technology Architecture
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Paul Arveson

Note: these documents are based on actual work in a Federal Government Office in 2001-2. They have been made generic.

The Borg


The Zachman Framework - Widely-used starting point for organizing all information technology.

Defining Frameworks for Strategic Planning and Architecture - The approach taken to apply framework concepts for the Office.

Top-level Repository Framework for the Office

Framework for the Information Management Team of the Office

Generic System / Project Framework in the Office

Index of Project Frameworks

Illustration of Project Framework from AS-IS to TO-BE

General Matrix of IT Management


"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

Definition of Technology Architecture:

Sources of Technology Architecture Definitions - Background research on other government and private-industry sources.

Mapping of Technology Positioning Statements to DoD Technical Reference Model - Comparison of original Technology Positioning Statement categories to those of the DoD Technical Reference Model.

Principles Used in Defining Technology Architecture Categories

Technology Architecture Categories Map - Image Map of the new user-centric Technology Architecture, linked to existing Technology Positioning Statements.

Technology Architecture Table - List of all new TA categories, linked to existing Technology Positioning Statements and update schedule.

Technology Architecture Search - Search for words in Technology Positioning Statement reports.

Updated Categories for Technology Architecture - How the Technology Architecture categories were updated for the Office (Jan. 2001).

Mapping of New to Old Technology Architecture Categories - Comparison of FY1999 categories to the updated FY2000 categories of the Technical Architecture.

Product Evaluations - Comparisons of different COTS products within some specific technology categories.

15-Step Lifecycle Process documents

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