Agency Repository Framework

This is the top-level framework that embraces all the work of the Agency. Obviously most of this information is beyond the scope of our Office, so most of the cells below are not populated. This framework is included only to provide a more complete view of how the organizational frameworks are related. For more information please see the Frameworks introduction.

  Entities Activities Infrastructure People Plans Rationales  
Scope or Context Agency Organization Organizational Missions Site Locations Dept. Organization Strategic Plan Strategic Performance Planner
Enterprise Model Knowledge and business processes Office Business Processes

Technologies used

Subject-matter experts, process users Office Project Plans Mission Performance Owner
System Model Office Business Systems Office System Functions Office System Architectures System users Business Plans Business process performance Builder
Technology Model Enterprise Infrastructure System Usage &  Administration System Infrastructure System Developers & Engineers System Improvement Plans Information System Performance Designer
Components Documents, Records, Funding Information Usage System components Programmers & support staff Work plans Work performance Developer
Functioning Enterprise Results & Outcomes Mission Execution Information Resources All Office, contractors, DOE Performance Plan Sponsor of Office End Users
  Knowledge Functions Infrastructure Organization Lifecycles Strategies/ Costs  

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