Mapping of Office Technology Positioning Statement (TPS) Categories to
DoD Technical Reference Model (TRM) Categories

TPS Category TPS Subcategory TRM Service Domain TRM Service Category Examples
End-User Tools Productivity Elements Application Software Entity Business Processing Spreadsheets,  project management tools
End-User Tools, Infrastructure Services (mixed) Remote Access Client, Workgroup Computing, Workflow, Web / Directory Services, E-mail   Communications E-mail, teleconferencing, computer conferencing, collaboration apps.

End-User Tools

Document Processor, Authoring Tools/Suites, Graphics, Speech Recognition   Multimedia Word processor, authoring tools, graphics tools
Enterprise Services Document & Image management, DSS, Disaster Recovery   Environment Mgmt. Transaction processing, Document management, CBT
      Database Utilities OLAP, 4GLs
      Engineering Support CAD, DSS, Expert systems, modeling & simulation
Application Toolset Supplementary Developer Tools, Programming Languages, Design Tools System Services: Application Platform Entity Software Engineering Programming IDEs, CM systems, Design Tools
Infrastructure Services Terminal emulation, Web info. delivery   User Interface Client-server GUI, Windows, Web browsers
Infrastructure Services Directory services   Data Mgmt. Data dictionary, directory, DBMS, transaction processing
Middleware Inter-API   Data Interchange EDI, XML,  CD-ROMs, data compression
      Graphics Raster and vector functions, IGES, CGM, OpenGL, VML, Flash
    Application Program Interface Communications OSI layer services
Infrastructure Services Utilities   System Mgmt. SMS, SNMP, performance monitoring, server admin., DBA
Security     Security Multi-level trusted hardware and software
      Dist. Computing client/server, DCOM, RAS
      International- ization Language translation, Unicode character set
Infrastructure Services Desktop - Operating System, Network OS Operating System kernel operations, real-time extension, real-time thread, clock/calendar, fault management, shell, utilities, OS objects, media handling, computer box, backplanes, storage, peripherals Client & server operating systems, e.g. Windows, Mac, Unix
Enterprise Network Hardware - Desktop, Printers; physical network Physical Env. Services & Resources   Desktop computers, server platforms, routers, cables
    External Env. Entity Persistent Storage disk drives, CDs
Infrastructure Services Remote Access, Utilities, Live data streams   Networks cables, switches, routers
      Devices connectors, NIC cards
      User Interface Devices CRT displays, mouse, keyboard, biometrics, audio boards,