Generic System and Project Framework

The system is either an existing Office business process or a product to be delivered as the output of a project to support a business process. The owner of the system is a group of federal employees who must do the business process in support of their mission. This framework describes a particular system (including all its versions), not the work of IM, which is a particular business process to do projects to deliver systems (the Information Management Framework). In this generic example, the cells identify examples of information that should be documented for a complete system description (artifacts).

  System  Data System Functions  System Infrastructure People Schedules Rationales  

System Scope

Mission Definition Business Processes System Locations Fed users System deliverables Importance of System System  Scope
Business Models (System owner) Semantic Model (Data architecture) Functional Processes (Application architecture) Infrastructure standards (Technology architecture) Business Users System usage schedules System costs Business Models (System owner)
 Design & Relationships E/R Diagrams, Data Models  Use Cases, Integration Selected standards, tools, languages User roles at each stage of process Business Process cycle times System efficiency Design & Relationships
 Technologies Version Description Diagrams Flowcharts, UML diagrams Selected software & hardware  Specialized users Performance optimization Technical improvements Technologies
 Code & Components System interfaces Modules, Code functions   Languages, protocols, COTS products Programmers, Engineers System execution times System Requirements Code & Components
Production Tested system & documents System Admin. & Maintenance System software & hardware User training System maintenance schedules Mission cost effectiveness Production
System Performance Performance Measurements Performance Monitoring Manual & Automatic Programs System Usage performance End user response times Feedback to strategy & budget System Performance
  System Data  System Functions System Infrastructure People Schedules Rationales