Office Information Management Framework

The mission of Information Management is to support the business of our Office by conducting projects to develop systems for business process owners. This framework contains descriptions of our Office's project management work in general as it applies across all projects. Each cell provides a place to locate documents that describe different views of this work in our Office.

  Data  Activities Infrastructure People Schedules Rationales  
Scope Business Processes Mission of our Office Infrastructure Employees & contractors Federal budget cycle Mission Effectiveness Scope
Planning  IT Strategic Plan IM Mission & Policies Technology Architecture Descriptions Architecture team Annual Strategic Plan Updates Office Customer Satisfaction  Planning
Project Management Operating Plan Project Frameworks System technology descriptions Development Teams Annual Operation Plan Updates Management Performance, CMM Level Project Management
Design Design Plans Design & Develop Systems Standard languages & tools Dev. team Integrated Project Schedule Dev. Process Performance Design
Engineering Engr. Plans System Acquisition Standard components Engr. team Unit plans Engr. Work Performance Engineering
Integration  Test plans, results Test, deployment, maintenance  Testing tools & procedures Integration team Deployment schedule Testing & Deployment Performance  Integration 
 Production Deployment plans, data Help desk, network operations Servers, networks, locations Production team, trainers Deliverable schedules End User Satisfaction Production 
       Data Activities Infrastructure   People Schedules Rationales  

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