Known Bugs and Modifications Needed


Modify: tblFileDis has only one DisID per file (disciplines).
There should be up to 5 disciplines that can be attributed to a file, just as for the reviewer disciplines. The author should do this in authors/addfile.asp.


This bug report page needs to be made available to all testers to input their bug reports.

If an author is added but already exists (based on same email address), the page notes this but then says that an email was sent anyway. Remove this -- for editors and reviewers also.


Need to convert addeditor.asp and addreviewer.asp from plain text to HTML formatted emails. Use addauthor.asp as template.


Add ''forgot password'' functionality for author, editor and reviewer logins.

The whole application needs to be placed within an encrypted website (SSL).


Errors are posted when an editor submits a MS or a review. Editors must be prevented from doing this.