Delete Records from Acting List

The following records are currently stored in the database of managers who are now or will be acting at a future date. If data are incorrect, they may be deleted here. Check the records you wish to delete. NOTE: records that are correct but expired do not have to be deleted; this will be done automatically. You can add a new acting manager here.

Delete? Code Mgr First Name Mgr Last Name Acting Mgr Name Start Month Start Day Start Year End Month End Day End Year
4080 Martín Sommer Hanna Moos Aug 6 2013 Aug 10 2013
4250 Martine Rancé Thomas Hardy Mar 5 2000 Mar 9 2000
4250 Martine Rancé Martine Rancé Mar 5 2000 Mar 13 2000
7013 Maria Anders Victoria Smith Feb 15 2000 Dec 15 2000
7070 Christina Berglund Charles Nielsen Mar 5 2000 Nov 10 2000